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(UG) = Undergraduate degree (PG) = Postgraduate degree
(6 years PG) = 6-year postgraduate degree

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Over 4800 international students, approximately 700 incoming and 1500 outgoing students for Erasmus for study and traineeship, over 500 agreements worldwide with important international partners, a wide range of joint and double degree programs, English taught courses and online courses. 

 Study at a top European University 
The University of Torino is one of Italy’s leading universities and ranks in top positions in global university rankings. As leader of a European University Alliance (UNITA-Universitas Montium) we have a strong engagement in research and innovation, closely linked to new societal challenges and to the European Green Deal and a strong focus on challenge-based learning.

 Experience a vibrant campus life in an inclusive environment 
We are an urban campus in the heart of Turin: with its lively cultural and youth scene, the city is a desirable and safe place to study and live.

Smart Agriculture - Postgraduate degree 
Food Science and Technology - Postgraduate degree 
International curriculum of the Master Degree in Viticultural and Enological Sciences - Postgraduate degree 
Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety - Postgraduate degree 

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

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The University of Torino (UniTo) is one of the oldest Italian Universities, founded in 1404, and one of the largest in Italy attracting students from all European countries and more than 120 countries worldwide. 

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Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transition - Postgraduate degree 

Regional and Urban Studies and Planning

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Stochastics and Data Science - Postgraduate degree 
Cellular and Molecular Biology  - Postgraduate degree  
Materials Science - Postgraduate degree 

Natural Sciences

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With its 6 Schools and 27 Departments, UniTo is a relevant player at the national and global level. UniTo ranks among the top 300 universities in the world and the top 5 in Italy. UniTo is 22nd worldwide and 2nd in Italy in the GreenMetric ranking, which is evidence of our commitment to achieve sustainability and take action for climate change

UniTo is strongly linked to the European higher education area through 1300 Erasmus+ agreements, 26 double-degree agreements, and 100 PhD co-tutorship agreements. 

Through an ever evolving international network, UniTo offers a multidisciplinary and challenging learning environment. For example, its Visiting Professor project attracts more than 100 visiting professors from the best universities worldwide each year. 

As leader of the UNITA Universitas Montium European University Alliance, UniTo coordinates with 5 partner institutions across France, Spain, Portugal, Romania a project aimed at fostering the common linguistic heritage of Romance speaking countries and encouraging ground-breaking research issues such as renewable energies. 

In addition to excellent teaching and research, UniTo is strongly committed to supporting talented students regardless of their identity and background. Several tuition-waiving, scholarship and grant programmes are available each academic year.

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Molecular Biotechnology - Postgraduate degree 
Biotechnology for Neuroscience - Postgraduate degree 
Medicine and Surgery - 6-year postgraduate degree 


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Business & Management - Undergraduate degree 
Business Administration - Postgraduate degree 
Economics - Postgraduate degree 
Quantitative Finance and Insurance - Postgraduate degree 

Management and Economics

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Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies - Undergraduate degree 
Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation - Postgraduate degree  
Economic Analysis and Policy - Postgraduate degree 
European Legal Studies - Postgraduate degree 

Legal, Political and Social-Economic Sciences

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Philosophy International Curriculum - Postgraduate degree 


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English and American Studies - Postgraduate degree 

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures

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November 11th 2021

University of Torino

November 11th 2021 - Save the date

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Live counseling rooms
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Live presentations of degree courses taught in English
from 9am CET - with Q&A

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Discover the program of the day and the degree courses offered in English by the University of Torino. Receive a warm welcome from the leaders of the university, the Rector and the Deputy Vice-Rector for International Education.

April 8th - Save the date

09.30 - Speech by the Rector

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Live presentations with Q&A

00.00 - School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

00.00 - School of Managements and Economics

00.00 - School of Medicine

00.00 - School of Natural Science

00.00 - School of Legal, Politics and Economic-Social Sciences

00.00 - School of Humanities

00.00 - Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Modern Cultures

00.00 - Interuniversity Department of Territorial Sciences, Project and Policies (PoliTo)

10.00 - 12:00 - Live Counseling

Register to the Online Open Day

Discover the program of the day and the courses offered in English by the Università degli Studi di Torino.

15.00 - 17:00 - Live Counseling

The University of Torino offers a wide range of degree courses taught in English

Management and Economics 
• Business & Management 
• Business Administration 
• Economics 
• Quantitative Finance and Insurance

Legal, Political and Social-Economic Sciences 
• Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies 
• European Legal Studies 
• Area & Global Studies for International Cooperation 
• Economic Analysis and Policy

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine 
• Food Science and Technology 
• Smart Agriculture 
• International Curriculum of the Master Degree in Viticultural and Enological Sciences 
• Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety

• Medicine and Surgery 
• Molecular Biotechnology 
• Biotechnology for Neuroscience

Natural Sciences
• Stochastics and Data Science 
• Cellular and Molecular Biology 
• Materials Science

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures - Humanities 
• English and American Studies 
• Philosophy International Curriculum

Regional and Urban Studies and Planning 
• Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transition

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Welcome to our Online Open Day for international students!

The University of Torino is pleased to invite you to discover its academic programs, with a specific focus on its degree courses taught in English. Take a look, choose the one that interests you most, and register for the event. 

On November 11th, you will meet faculty and staff ready to present you our programs and answer all your questions. Save the date, UniTo is expecting you!


Online Open Day Program

Presentations of the University's educational offer taught in English and student services